DiverseCity’s KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF)

01 September 2017 - 30 September 2017, Kuala Lumpur

The third edition of DiverseCity’s KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF) is back! Scheduled to take place throughout September 2017, the Festival will showcase more than 50 local, regional and international artistes in over a dozen venues in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Launched in 2015, KLIAF is building a reputation as a major annual international celebration of the Arts featuring multiple genres including music, dance, theater, visual arts and literature.

KLIAF is all-inclusive and some of the performances will also be complemented by educational workshops and activities.

Trying to work your way around the 5-week line up of performances, exhibitions, workshops and talks? Not to worry. Here’s a tip on some not-to-be-missed shows in the Festival:-

Che Malambo : We can’t say it enough but having 12 “gauchos” blazing the stage with their percussive footwork will keep your own adrenalin pumping throughout the night. Contrary to the sultry Tango, the Malambo is power-packed, and tests the skills and agility of the performers onstage in a dance repertoire directed by French choreographer and ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas. Che Malambo will be performing on 2 and 3 September at Auditorium DBKL and their performance will also be complemented by a Dance Party on 1 September at TREC’s Rhapsody Square, Kuala Lumpur.

Sachal Ensemble – Song of Lahore : These musicians beat the odds and unleashed their musical heritage onto the world stage. Come listen to traditional Pakistani instruments played in contemporary and popular Jazz styles and be serenaded by the distinctive melodies from the likes of Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck. DiverseCity is also pleased to present to you a special screening of the Song of Lahore, a documentary about the Sachal Ensemble by two-time Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Andy Schocken prior to their show. Song of Lahore will be performed on 9 and 10 September at Auditorium DBKL.

Entranced : An Evening with a Ghost : Since the 14th century, the Japanese Noh Theater has kept to its strict tradition of controlled, subtle movements in telling stories via music, dance and acting. This tradition is preserved up to present day in Japan. Recognized as one of the oldest forms of theater in the world, it is therefore a privilege for us that Malaysian Aida Redza has been given the trust to collaborate with the theater Master, Naohiko San, to combine western dance dynamics with ancient restraints. Watch Entranced : An Evening with a Ghost at KuAsh Theater on 2 September.

Wolf Bowart’s Letter’s End : The acclaimed and unforgettable theater playwright Wolfe Bowart is returning to our shores due to popular demand. Bringing with him his signature mix of physical comedy, illusion, shadow puppetry and interactive film, he will mesmerize you with his latest production, Letter’s End at Panggung Bandaraya on 22 and 23 September. Wolfe will also be conducting a workshop for budding theater talents prior to the performance on 20 September at Panggung Bandaraya.

JinLeng and Photographs by Almarhum Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah : A tribute to one of Malaysia’s oldest living artists whose art looks at tracing the meaning and significance of motifs, forms, symbols and traditions in Asian cultures, in understanding self and the land. DiverseCity is proud to be able to recognize Yeoh Jin Leng’s immense talent as an artist, potter, painter, sculptor, writer, scholar, philosopher and teacher, and his altruistic contribution to art education and development. The highly anticipated exhibition will be housed at the Edge Galerie from 1 – 17 September. Checkout the website for details on complementary talks and workshops by JinLeng.

For more information on the Festival performances and ticket bookings, visit www.diversecity.my or email at info@diversecity.my

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