East Wind Festival

23 March 2018 - 25 March 2018


The annual three-day East Wind Festival will be held at Kompleks DUN, Persiaran Wawasan, Kangar Perlis between 23 and 25 March, 2018. It marks and celebrates the annual transition from the cool weather to the dry, windy weather which coincides with the paddy harvesting season.

Various traditional games and cultural events are featured during this festival, which was listed as one of the top three most popular traditional cultural events in the country. Steeped in tradition, the East Wind Festival gives visitors a chance to play traditional games that their ancestors, most of whom were farmers, played years ago. These games are simple recreational activities that are taken as a respite from the laborious work in the farms and paddy fields between one paddy planting season and the next.

Usually, the activities are conducted outdoors in muddy paddy fields that have been previously harvested. Another unique aspect of these traditional games is that they are the "glue" that bring the village people together in cheerful camaraderie.

Among the festival activities are hand-catching freshwater fish, eel, and duck competitions, fishing competition, "metal buffalo" race (a 100-metre race on a tractor or plow), and tractor decorating competition. One of the most awaited competitions at the festival is the "Strong Farmer" competition where participants hold up heavy bags of rice as a test of strength. Winners in the past managed to carry up to 60 kg of rice sacks at a time!

Other attractions include a funfair, kite festival, songbird competition, batik painting, rice threshing, rice hulling, pandanus straw mat weaving, wau making, traditional theater showcase, pop yeh-yeh night and ghazal party. Besides that, visitors also get to enjoy a variety of traditional dishes in Perlis.

The festival is jointly organised by the Perlis state government through its National Department for Culture and Arts and Ministry of Tourism and Culture, as well as various state agencies and non-govermental agencies.

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