Kuantan Century Ride (Kuantan 160)

Date: 09 July 2017

Venue: Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Attention to all avid cyclists around, the Kuantan160 Century Ride is back! KUANTAN160 is an open road cycling event covering 160km around the city of Kuantan in the East Coast of Malaysia.

The inaugural event was held in March 2012 organized by a group of cycling enthusiasts from Kuantan. Later the Ministry of Tourism & Culture (the Ministry of Tourism) Pahang made Kuantan160 its official event, fully supported by the Pahang State Government.

The Kuantan Century Ride takes participants on a journey enriched with culture and architecture of Kuantan. However, expect the hot weather and elevations to give you a real challenge. Whether you want to ride with a couple of friends or get a real work-out, this event invites you to challenge yourself and take a shot at surviving the 160 km bike ride.

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