Oasis Community Carnival

01 September 2017 - 03 September 2017, Malaysia

Lifescape & Mindspace is hosting the Oasis Community Carnival Celebrating The F.A.C.E of Urban Culture (Food. Arts. Culture. Entertainment) at Oasis Village and Oasis Square, Oasis Damansara from 1st September - 3rd September 2017. The carnival theme revolves around International Culture celebrating diversity of the various countries and societies we find in Malaysia. This 3-day International Festival will begin at 12 pm on Friday,1st September and will draw to a close at 5 pm on Sunday, 3rd September.

The September International Festival Carnival welcomes various embassies such as Romania, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Namibia, Mongolia, Finland and others. In addition to the embassies, as part of our community collaboration with various societies, social enterprises, NGOs’, organisations and communities such as Rockschool International Rock Music Exam Board, FYI Entertainment, Lepak Games, The Connecteers Channel.

Sing Wing Chun Martial Arts, CETDEM, RANTAI and others will be taking their part in the carnival. Unlike our previous events, the upcoming carnival will spill incorporate live performances from local and some international acts, workshops, a car exhibition, 3x3 Basketball Competition, a Latte Art Competition, RockFest 2017 as well as activities for both adults and kids, finance talks, healthcare talks and drives, comedy showcases amongst others.

Oasis Village

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