Date:  6 JUL 2017 - 9 JUL 2017

Immerse yourself in the beautiful colors, enchanting scents, and sweetness of various tropical flowers and fruits at the special festivity of Flower and Fruits Festival 2017 scheduled to take place on 6th to 9th July 2017. This annual folk fiesta will be held in the picturesque cool mountain town of Berastagi in the Beautiful Karo Highlands of Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province.


Taking place at the foot of the still active Mt. Sinabung, the Karo's Flowers and Fruits Festival is an expression of gratitude from the farmers to Almighty God for a bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, and flowers across the regency. Representatives from each sub-districts will showcase their own unique characteristics in beautiful floats, decorated with flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are the top commodities of each sub-district, to be featured in their own distinct style and theme. For the opening of the festival, the floats will ride along the main road of the regency from Kabanjahe (The Offce of Karo's Regent) to the Mejuah-juah Park in Berastagi, the central point of the festival.


The 4 days festival will be highlighted with many art and cultural performances, folk entertainment and games, bazaar and exhibition, as well as a number of competitions. Among these are on :Flowers arrangement, a Mix of Flower, Fruits, and Vegetables arrangements, Decorated Floats, a Delegates Parade , Exhibition of Booths, and Choir Competitions.


The festival is rooted in local tradition that is almost similar to "Thanksgiving", when families and friends gather to give thanks to the Almighty as well as honor the ancestors who have blessed them with a fertile soil and bountiful harvest, which gatherings are normally held among communities in each sub district. Nowadays, the ritual of ancestral worship has changed to prayers and praise to God expressed in the various existing religions here. Nonetheless the essence of the festival that is an expression of thanks and gratitude still lives on in this festive occasion.


During the festival, the Karo people (regardless of the religion each embraces) will prepare distinct traditional meals such as Gulai Daging (Meat Soup), Fish, Lemang KetanCimpaTape (fermented cassava or rice) as well as the many fruits, snacks, and other treats. All members of the family, as well as neighbors, and guests then gather to enjoy the gala dinner dressed in their finest and most beautiful outfits. Houses across the villages and towns will be also beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and palm leaves, radiating that special ambience ofhappy festivities.


The picturesque town of Berastagi in the beautiful Karo highlands, is 70 km from Medan, capital city of North Sumatra, and lies on the way to Lake Toba. Situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters, the town has a cool climate, ranging between 17-20 degrees Centigrade, making a refreshing break from the heat of the city. With its fertile soil and cool climate Berastagi produces much of the vegetables and fruits of Medan, some of which are also exported to Singapore. The days are pleasant while nights can be quite cool. From Medan, this lovely little town can be reached in a little over 2 hours' drive.

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