The Legendary 40th Bali Arts Festival: Fire, the Spirit of Creation

16 June 2018

The grand arts fiesta on the beautiful island of Bali will again turn the spotlight on this tourist paradise when the 40thedition of the annual Bali Arts Festival will be rolled out from 16thJune to 14th July 2018, centered at Bali's Art Center in Denpasar, capital city of Bali Province.

During one whole month, the best of this idyllic tropical island's dance, music, and artistic expressions will be displayed to the public when Bali showcases its best cultural presentations, presented and revived by villagers across the island. There will be daily performances of traditional and modern dance and music alongside countless related cultural and commercial activities during which literally the whole of Bali will swarm into the city to present offerings of dance, music, excitement, color and stunning beauty. The month-long festival will commence with a parade featuring arts from all districts in Bali and other Indonesian provinces.

This year, the Festival carries the theme "TejaDharmaningKoripan" meaning: Fire, The Spirit of Creation. From its physical perspective, the theme illustrates that human life cannot be separated from fire since it is necessary for many activities such as cooking or in its broader aspect as a source of energy. From the spiritual perspective, the theme suggests that humans must be able to manage and control the fire or energy within. When it is poorly controlled, then this ‘fire' can turn to anger and recklessness. On the other hand, when one is able to control the fire within, then he or she will be able to activate the chakra that can provide more spiritual strength. For this reason, the symbol of fire has always been an inseparable part of many ritual ceremonies held by Balinese Hindu followers.

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