Selamat Datang ke Indonesia

(Welcome to Indonesia)


Indonesia is a very exotic and diverse destination with thousands of islands, some still unknown, all with amazing mountain views. Beautiful tropical rainforests to trek through, pristine seas to dive or surf in as well as well as tranquil beaches to wind down. The beautiful archipelago of Indonesia consists of approximately 17500 islands surrounded by beautiful oceans lying at the crossroads of ancient trading routes. Indonesia has long been known as a land of spices and tropical fruits and its cuisine world renowned. Indonesia ranks among the world’s most beautiful countries.


Sitting on top of the two major plates of the Lesser and Greater Sunda and crossed by the Wallace Line which runs between Borneo and Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok, visitors may experience a great diversity of marine life, flora and fauna and a great variety of natural lanscapes. From the lush rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo to the aridity of the islands east of Lombok; from prehistoric animals such as the Komodo dragon, the Java Rhino to the  Orangutan just to mention a few.


Indonesia is culturally rich and divers with a moltitude of practiced religions, spoken languages and ancient rituals. This conjures to a variety of architectures, arts, crafts, foods and venues of worship. Several types of aboriginal life are also present in the Indonesian side of the island of Papua New Guinea.


Some islands have flurished culturally, artistically and religiously like Bali and Jawa while many others have maintened old animist traditions such as the Torajas in Sulawesi and the Dayaks in Kalimantan (Borneo).