Cherating is located about 45 kilometers north of Kuantan, nesting on the Terengganu-Pahang border and fronting the South China sea. Here, wide gently sloping sandy beaches extend as far as the eyes can see and it is a perfect place for a quiet holiday.

Cherating was discovered in the 1960s, by backpackers who stayed at guesthouses and wooden huts among the coconut groves by the sea. Cherating became well known among visitors since around 1970s when a family called Mak Long Teh share their house with visitors. Today, there are world-class hotels and chalets, including the world renowned Club Med.

Visitors can begin their vacation by strolling along the white sandy beach. A walk on the beach will offer opportunity to collect beautiful seashells and occasionally you may find tiny crabs struggling to find their way out of the sea.


Water Activities

Cherating beach, during the monsoon season (November and December) , is one of the only beaches in Peninsula Malaysia with waves good enough for surfing. You can also try yachting, kayaking, snorkeling, river cruising and swimming.

Learn Traditional Arts & Crafts

Beautifully crafted traditional kites of various colours and designs, elegant woodcarvings, pottery, and fine batik, songket and Pahang silk textiles can be found at the Kompleks Kraftangan Kuantan in Cherating Village. There are also some classes offered to learn batik painting.

Visit Turtle Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a tribute to the gentle giants of the South Seas, the near extinct Leatherback turtles, that made Chendor Beach their destination of choice to lay their eggs. The Chendor Turtle Sanctuary is located only a few minutes drive from Cherating.A small turtle information centre, a souvenir kiosk, and turtle pools with live Green or Ridley turtles are kept for conservation purposes. It is a recommended spot for turtle watching ( April - September ).

Visit Charah Cave

About 25 kilometers from Kuantan is the well-hidden Gua Charah, with a labyrinth of complex cave structures made up of 8 separate caves and is spread over an area of 92 hectares. One of them, Gua Buddha or Gua Gelap, is home to an 8.1 meter long statue of reclining Buddha. It was discovered by a monk named Tham Achran Sakatapunya in the 1950s. There's other caves : Gua Batu Nisan Raja, Gua Pecah, Gua Gajah, Gua Tiga Beradik, Gua Puteri Bersikat and many other caves to explore.

Visit Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing is known as "The Town That Time Forgot", it is a small hamlet in the hills, about 45 kilometers from Kuantan. It is now a quiet settlement from a bygone era of tin mining, but visitors could still catch a glimpse of its past glories.  You can also visit Sungai Lembing Mining Museum here. A foray into the 'Cities of the Underground' can be had at the Sungai Lembing Museum. The museum is where the legacy of the heydays of the world-famous Sungai Lembing underground tin mine are showcased.

Firefly Watching

Visitors can watch fireflies by taking night river boat trip from local tour. It is available every night at 8 pm, for 1 hour trip.

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