Inle lake is roughly 20km long and come with an outstanding beauty within its natural surroundings. The area is inhabited by the Intha people living on floating villages and houses on stilts, famous for their unique leg-rowing technique and for growing a wide variety of products on floating gardens. Not to be missed are the colourful Shan State community markets held on a traditional rotating basis according to the Buddhist Sabathdays.In the surroundings there is Kalaw, a former colonial hill station, on the western edge of the Shan plateau and the Pindaya Caves where there are 8.094 Buddha images.

Another worthwhile experience that most tourists miss is to see some of the thousands of waterbirds that use Inle Lake either as a breeding site or on migration. You also can take a day to ride through surrounding villages. Day hikes in the surrounding hills, or 3 day hikes to Kalaw are available, and are highly recommended: it gives the opportunity to get a glimpse of real life around Inle Lake and see some nice scenery too. And, of course, a boat trip on the lake is a must do.

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