Grit & Grace – The Grandeur of Monochrome Malaysia

Date: 16 September - 16 October 2017

Venue: Kuala Lumpur

The Grit & Grace photography exhibition showcases 50 carefully selected black and white photographs from a 330-page photobook of the same name that aims to encapsulate the beauty of the Malaysian landscape and its people. The book covers all states within Malaysia and touches on aspects of Malaysian history, geography and culture.

The Grit & Grace photography project by S.C. Shekar is one of the initiatives supported by Khazanah Nasional to celebrate Malaysia’s journey and achievements as a nation. His work through Grit & Grace is a reminder that Malaysia has much to offer, be it her rich natural resources, or environment, or the diversity of her people. And it is only apt that the photo exhibition is launched in conjunction with Hari Malaysia, to commemorate the day when people from both the peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak came together as one and become Malaysians.

Like the book, the purpose of this photography exhibition is to once again bring images of this country within easy reach of her people. By holding this exhibition, Malaysians and tourists alike will get to experience the grandeur of our country and perhaps even sow the seed of desire to travel & explore this land of ours.

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